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10 must-see attractions within 1 hour of The Telford Hotel

There’s so much to see and do when you stay at Telford Hotel Spa & Golf Resort. Here are some of our favourite attractions within one hour’s drive.  

The Iron Bridge  
11 minute drive  

Step onto one of the greatest symbols of where the Industrial Revolution started, the Iron Bridge. Walk across the bridge – built in 1779 across the River Severn – and take a close look at its extraordinary structure.   

Perfect for: History fans  


Blists Hill Victorian Town 
6 minute drive 

Go back in time to the Victorian era by visiting Blists Hill Victorian Town, a recreated Victorian town. Let kids see what life was like in the past as they meet Victorians in their authentic shops and cottages and watch tradespeople in action in their atmospheric workshops and factories.  

Perfect for: A fun, educational family day  


The Wrekin  
16 minute drive 

Experience breath-taking views while you walk the Wrekin, a 20-acre Iron Age hillfort. Put some comfortable walking boots on, tread on volcanic rock millions of years older than Mount Everest and see if you can reach the summit.  

Perfect for: Nature lovers  


Ironbridge Gorge Museums  
11 minute drive 

The Ironbridge Gorge is a world heritage site and home to some amazing museums, including the Coalport China Museum, the Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron, and the Museum of the Gorge. Walk around these museums and find out how Shropshire contributed to history.   

Perfect for: History enthusiasts  


Attingham Park  
25 minute drive 

Enjoy a stroll through 200 acres of parkland and a regency mansion at Attingham Park, an 18th century estate. Keep an eye out for deer.   

Perfect for: A relaxing day out  


Ludlow Castle  
53 minute drive  

Travel back in time to the 1400s with a visit to Ludlow Castle. Walk and take a look at the glass covered courtyard and give children a glimpse into the lifestyle of medieval society.   

Perfect for: A family day out  


Shropshire Hills  
48 minute drive  

No trip to Shropshire is complete without exploring the Shropshire Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, an area of countryside which covers nearly a quarter of Shropshire. Walk or cycle through towns, villages, farmland, woodland, hills and valleys, stopping off for a bite to eat on the way.  

Perfect for: Avid walkers  


Royal Air Force Museum  
18 minute drive  

Learn more about the past, present and future of the Royal Air Force during a trip to the Royal Air Force Museum. Explore an impressive aircraft collection including Radar Echoing Models, aircraft, missiles and tanks used in intelligence gathering and aero engines. From the hangars to the flight zone, there’s lots to see.   

Perfect for: The entire family  


Stokesay Castle  
49 minute drive  

Step into one of the finest fortified medieval manor houses in England. Discover the great hall, unchanged for over 700 years. Spot characters carved in the timbers of the 17th-century gatehouse and climb to the top of a fairytale tower for breathtaking views of the Shropshire Hills.  

Perfect for: An educational day out  


Hoo Zoo  
20 minute drive  

Meet some truly amazing animals, including snapping turtles, a Scottish wildcat, and an Amazon parrot. Kids can become a keeper for the day, hand feed one of the groups of meerkats, hold a big snake (a Burmese Python or a Boa Constrictor), and much more.  

Perfect for: The little ones